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Imran Javaid Butt


Over the past two decades, I wore several professional hats that helped me develop a unique toolbox of skills and qualifications that shaped me into an accountant for our times.  As I look back, I see a single spirit that has carried me through my life: an unflinching dedication to help those individuals and businesses, who due to their circumstances, are unable to follow the conventional rulebook to success. IJB Strategia is created to provide small businesses with new ways to success, built on holistic thinking, compassionate advocacy, and a platform to empower others. 

Imran Javaid Butt



IJB Strategia

Our flagship service Tax Life combines all our skills to  provide you with a new way to combine your business and household finances to maximise wealth, achieve personal ambitions and meet longterm goals. 


Go Trend Yourself

Accountants are Business Strategists.  I utilise sales strategy, process reengineering, risk management, and market analysis to help you build a smart and responsive business that increases your competitive edge. 


HR Consultant

Accountants are HR Consultants. My work is built on fighting to protect your legal rights, to empower you towards becoming a leader, to embrace organisational change and build a motivated and fulfilled team.



An ACCA qualified accountant specialising in taxation providing a full range of financial accountancy services including Tax Returns, Tax Planning, VAT, RTI, Pensions, BIK, Dividends and Personal Taxation including IHT.



Accountants are psychologists. My work builds on techniques to help you develop effective mindsets, promote planning, overcome anxiety, empower decision making and achieve wellbeing.  

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