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Tax Case

Anxious about dealing with the HMRC? Let our specialised team navigate the complexities for you. We fight for your rights, minimise risks, and achieve the best outcomes. From audits to appeals, compliance to penalties, we have you covered. Trust our expertise for personalised solutions and industry-specific advice.

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"With IJB Strategia, you gain a powerful advocate who will fight for your rights and protect your interests"

Dealing with HMRC can be daunting and overwhelming, leaving you feeling burdened and unsure of how to navigate the process.

At IJB Strategia, we stand ready to go to bat for you in all matters related to HMRC. We leverage our keen knowledge of tax law and 50 years extensive experience in tax cases to develop sound strategies, produce compelling arguments, and negotiate fair terms on your behalf. Our client-centred approach ensures that you receive personalised attention and solutions that truly address your individual circumstances.

Where Tax Case helps

Our team provides comprehensive support for various HMRC-related matters. From guiding you through visits/audits and addressing compliance issues to assisting with appeals, penalties, and dispute resolution, we ensure smooth interactions. We also help rectify failures to file, navigate let-property campaigns, and handle back-duty cases and retrospective tax assessments. VISITS/AUDITS If you are facing a HMRC visit or audit, our team will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with all necessary requirements and assisting in responding to HMRC queries. We aim to minimise potential issues and ensure a smooth interaction with HMRC. COMPLIANCE ISSUES Compliance is key when it comes to tax matters. We provide expert advice and assistance to help you address any compliance issues identified by HMRC, ensuring that you meet all necessary obligations and regulations. APPEALS & TRIBUNALS If you disagree with a HMRC decision or assessment, we will support you in filing an appeal and represent your case before the relevant tribunals. Our experienced team will construct a compelling argument and present your case effectively to help secure a favourable outcome. CHARGES, PENALTIES & DISPUTE RESOLUTION If you are facing charges or penalties imposed by HMRC, we will work diligently to negotiate fair terms and minimise the financial impact on your business. Our dispute resolution expertise allows us to find amicable solutions and resolve issues efficiently. FAILURES TO FILE If you have experienced failures to file tax returns or missed deadlines, we can assist you in addressing these issues and guide you through the process of rectifying the situation with HMRC. LET-PROPERTY CAMPAIGNS If you own or rent out properties and need assistance in ensuring compliance with HMRC's let-property campaigns, we offer expert guidance to help you navigate the specific tax obligations and requirements associated with property rentals. BACK-DUTY CASES Back-duty cases refer to situations where there are concerns or investigations regarding potential underpaid or unpaid taxes in the past. If you have concerns about potential back-duty cases or retrospective tax assessments, our team will assess the situation, provide advice, and help you develop a strategy to handle the matter effectively.


How Tax Case works

At IJB Strategia, we understand that every HMRC case is unique. However we follow a simple and clear series of steps to ensure that we provide tailored solutions that achieve a favourable resolution aligned with your goals and interests. The steps we take is as follows: 1. INITIAL CONSULTATION The journey begins with a free initial consultation, where we take the time to listen to your specific HMRC-related matters. We gather essential information about your case, understand your concerns, and address any questions you may have. This consultation allows us to assess the complexity of your situation and determine how we can best assist you. 2. CASE ASSESSMENT After the initial consultation, our experienced team conducts a thorough case assessment. We delve into the intricacies of your HMRC case, reviewing relevant documentation, past tax returns, and any correspondence with HMRC. This assessment helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances, identify potential challenges, and develop a tailored strategy for your specific situation. 3. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Using our specialised knowledge and expertise in tax law, we develop a strategic plan designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We analyse your business objectives, financial situation, and long-term goals to ensure that our strategy aligns with your best interests. Our goal is to minimise potential risks, protect your rights, and optimise your position when dealing with HMRC. 4. REPRESENTATION With the strategy in place, our team serves as your dedicated representative throughout the process. We communicate and correspond with HMRC on your behalf, handling all necessary paperwork, responding to queries, and advocating for your rights. Our experienced professionals construct compelling arguments and present your case effectively, ensuring that your voice is heard and your position is strongly advocated for. 5. RESOLUTION Our ultimate aim is to achieve a favourable resolution for your HMRC case. We proactively work towards resolving the issues efficiently, leveraging our negotiation skills and extensive experience in dealing with HMRC matters. Whether it involves negotiating fair terms, appealing HMRC decisions, or addressing compliance issues, we are committed to securing the best possible outcome that aligns with your goals and protects your interests.

How our experience delivers

Small businesses often resolve HMRC issues by either simply accepting fault and paying the penalties or building a defence through a combination of internet research and advice from friends. At IJB Strategia we believe there is no substitute for the benefits of professional advocacy. Here are some benefits of having Tax Case as your partner: ACCURATE INTERPRETATION Tax law and HMRC regulations can be intricate and subject to interpretation. Our 40 years experience allows us to accurately interpret the laws and regulations relevant to your case. We understand the nuances, exceptions, and complexities, enabling us to provide precise guidance and develop tailored strategies to address your specific circumstances. CUSTOMISED APPROACH Each HMRC case is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution does not suffice. With our specialised knowledge, we recognise the importance of developing customised approaches. We carefully analyse the details of your case, taking into account your business objectives, financial situation, and long-term goals. This tailored approach ensures that our strategies align with your best interests and maximise your advantages within the boundaries of HMRC regulations. COMPLIANCE ASSURANCE Compliance with tax laws and regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and legal consequences. Our knowledge of regulations equips us to identify any compliance issues and address them promptly. We proactively guide you through the necessary requirements, ensuring that you meet your obligations and remain in good standing with HMRC. By relying on our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tax matters are handled with precision and accuracy. STRATEGIC TAX PLANNING Effective tax planning can lead to significant financial benefits for your business. With our holistic approach to tax planning, we go beyond addressing immediate HMRC-related matters. We assess your overall tax position and develop strategic tax plans to optimise deductions, minimise tax liabilities, and identify opportunities for tax savings. Our expertise allows us to navigate the intricacies of tax law, helping you make informed decisions that positively impact your financial position. PROACTIVE RISK MANAGEMENT Compliance and regulations is a shifting landscape. We stay updated on HMRC's enforcement priorities, industry-specific regulations, and emerging trends. By understanding the regulatory landscape and potential risks, we can develop risk mitigation strategies, minimise your exposure, and safeguard your business from future penalties or disputes. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION When dealing with HMRC, effective communication is crucial. Our impressive experience in tax law empowers us to communicate and negotiate with HMRC on your behalf confidently. We understand the language, procedures, and requirements of HMRC, allowing us to present your case in a compelling manner. We articulate your position convincingly, ensuring that your voice is heard and your interests are effectively represented. NAVIGATING COMPLEX PROCEDURES HMRC procedures can be complex and time-consuming. Our specialised knowledge equips us to navigate these procedures efficiently. We handle paperwork, respond to queries, and negotiate on your behalf, streamlining the process and saving you valuable time and resources. Our understanding of the intricacies of HMRC procedures ensures that your case progresses smoothly and that you receive timely resolutions.

Industry Specific Expertise

Each industry brings its own HMRC challenges. By understanding the unique regulations faced by different industries, our specialised knowledge allows us to provide targeted strategies and solutions in your HMRC case. A list of industries we have undertaken casework in includes: IMPORTERS/EXPORTERS Our expertise in import/export regulations allows us to assist clients in dealing with legal issues relating to customs duties, import VAT, navigating customs valuation rules, and adherence to international trade regulations. RETAILERS/WHOLESALERS Our knowledge enables us to provide legal guidance on issues relating to sales, inventory valuation, VAT treatment, and margin schemes. FREELANCE CONSULTANTS Our expertise in working with freelancers allows us to provide legal advice on areas such as self-employment taxes, allowable business expenses, VAT and ensuring compliance with IR35 regulations. RENTAL PROPERTY OWNERS Our specialised legal knowledge in rental property taxation enables us to assist property owners in resolving issues on rental income, allowable deductions for property expenses, capital gains tax and navigating the tax implications of furnished and unfurnished rentals. TECH START-UP ENTREPRENEURSHIP Our expertise in tech start-up entrepreneurship allows us to provide guidance on research and development tax credits, share option schemes, intellectual property tax, and navigating the tax implications relating to funding and investments.

Our Pledge to your Well Being

At Tax Case by IJB Strategia, we recognise that it can be just as daunting seeking legal help than it is dealing with the HMRC. With our empathetic approach, we are here to help you overcome your concerns and to empower you to take on the fight. A list of familiar issues we have helped our clients overcome: 1. OVERCOMING ANXIETY Dealing with complex tax issues and potential legal implications can be overwhelming and induce fear and anxiety in most of us. This fear often leads us to avoid seeking help or delay addressing our HMRC-related matters. At Tax Case by IJB Strategia, we provide a supportive and empathetic environment where we listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and alleviate your worries. Our experienced team is skilled at managing stressful situations and will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered to tackle your HMRC-related matters. 2. OVERCOMING COMPLEXITY Many business owners lack a comprehensive understanding of tax laws and HMRC regulations. As a result, we often feel unsure about how to navigate the process or what steps to take. At IJB Strategia, our team is well-versed in tax laws and HMRC regulations. We will take the time to explain the complexities of your case in a clear and accessible manner, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the issues at hand. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, providing guidance, and educating you on the best course of action. With our expertise and patient approach, we will demystify the process and equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions. 3.OVERCOMING AVOIDANCE Some business owners may have a tendency to avoid dealing with tax-related matters altogether. It is common to delay taking action due to a lack of motivation, fear of negative outcomes, or a belief that the issue will resolve itself over time. At IJB Strategia, our team serves as your dedicated representative throughout the process. We will break down the process into steps and help you every step of the way including communicating with HMRC on your behalf, handling all necessary paperwork, responding to queries, and advocating for your rights. 4. FINANCIAL CONCERNS The potential financial impact of dealing with HMRC-related issues can be a significant barrier for many people. You may worry about the costs involved in seeking professional assistance and fear that you may not be able to afford the services. At IJB Strategia we strive to provide cost-effective solutions. Our fee structures are transparent, and we will discuss them with you upfront, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Your financial well-being is important to us, and we will ensure that our services are accessible and aligned with your budgetary requirements. 5. COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES You may feel uncertain about your ability to explain your case effectively to us. Our team utilises an active approach to understanding your situation. We gather our facts through structured questions aimed at ensuring that we get the complete picture of your situation before we act. 6. TRUST AND PRIVACY CONCERNS You may have concerns about the confidentiality and privacy of your financial information. At IJB Strategia, we take client privacy seriously and adhere to strict standards of confidentiality and professionalism. You can rest assured that your financial data will be handled with the utmost discretion and integrity throughout the entire process.

Flexible Pricing 

We understand that every client's needs and circumstances are unique, which is why we offer a range of packages dependent on the nature of your case. 

All our packages includes advocacy and administrative duties of your case. If you only want an advisory service in dealing with your issue then check out our Tax Clinic.


For simple cases where both parties are in prior agreement of the facts and outcomes.



For moderate cases that involve calculations and negotiations.



Complex cases that involve disagreement, appeals and creating compelling arguments.



Our monthly subscription gives you 10 cases from Basic & Standard package. 


*Subject to an annual subscription. A 15% Discount is given if the annual amount is paid upfront in full.

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In the complex landscape of HMRC-related matters, choosing Tax Case by IJB Strategia provides you with a team of experts dedicated to safeguarding your rights and achieving the best possible outcomes. Our specialised knowledge, tailored strategies, strong advocacy and efficient resolutions make us the ideal partner for your HMRC-related case.


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