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Tax Clinic

Facing a tax related problem? Let our 'No-Solution, No-Fee' Advisory Service help alleviate your burdens.  Our proactive planning and industry-specific expertise enables us to create highly personalised solutions that are in line with your household and business goals. Rely on us to be your trusted partner in conquering your tax hurdles and unlocking a brighter financial future.

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"Most Tax incentives require satisfying certain conditions. It is best to plan head"

Our Tax Clinic is our advisory service to a wide range of financial and tax related problems that affect your household and businesses.​

At IJB Strategia we don’t do generic advice, rather we leverage our unique holistic approach to tax incentives that bridge your personal and business finances.  This allows us to present you with unique solutions that solve your problem in ways that are in line with your household and business goals.  

What Tax Clinic solves

At IJB Strategia we recognise that financial and tax problems can cause major stress and disruptions to your household and businesses. Our tax solution clinic is here to help you work smoothly through any number of problems. 


BUSINESS TAX ISSUES Unexpected events can lead to liquidity issues and tax bills which can seriously affect the sustainability of your business. These issues need to be solved fast whilst also aligning with your business strategy. Some familiar issues we have resolved: STARTING/RUNNING MULTIPLE BUSINESS Starting your second or third business introduces various compliance and tax obligations. We will help you determine the best ways your companies group together, optimise resources, structure ownership and optimise tax incentives. TAX PLANNING FOR BUSINESS GROWTH Whether you're a small startup or an established company, we can help you develop tax-efficient strategies that support your business growth plans. From optimising deductions and credits to navigating complex tax regulations, we'll ensure that you maximise your tax savings while maintaining compliance. CAPITAL EXPENDITURE & FINANCING Whether you are seeking to raise cheaper finances through loans, share capital or disposing of assets, or you are looking to undertake capital expenditure, we are here to offer a series of strategic solutions that optimises your personal and business finances. TAX OPTIMISATION FOR INVESTMENTS If you're an investor looking to minimise tax liabilities and maximise returns, our advisors can provide expert guidance on tax-efficient investment strategies. We'll help you navigate the tax implications of different investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and more, ensuring you make informed decisions to optimise your investment portfolio. TAX IMPLICATIONS OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS If you're involved in a merger, acquisition, or other business restructuring, understanding the tax implications is essential for making informed decisions. Our experts will guide you through the complex tax considerations associated with these transactions, providing strategic advice to minimise tax liabilities and maximise post-transaction value. SUCCESSION, DISPOSING OR CLOSING BUSINESS Planning for the transfer or closure of the business requires careful consideration. Our advisors can help you develop effective strategies that preserve your assets and minimise tax burdens for when your relationship to your company ends.

PERSONAL TAX ISSUES Tax bills can have a major impact on your household wealth. This issues need to be resolved before they derail family relations, fulfilling household responsibilities and achieving personal ambitions. Some familiar issues we have resolved: SELLING A PROPERTY Selling a property, whether it's your main residence or a second home, can have tax implications. In the UK, you may be subject to capital gains tax if the sale results in a profit. We utilise exemptions and deferral incentives related to property sales that can help you manage any tax obligations. INHERITING ASSETS Inheritances in the form of money, property, or investments can potentially trigger inheritance tax or capital gains tax. With our knowledge of UK tax laws surrounding inheritances we help you navigate and reduce the potential tax implications. RECEIVING RENTAL INCOME If you rent out a property, you must declare and pay tax on the rental income. We cover a range of strategies to help you through rental property taxation, allowable expenses, and available reliefs to help you reduce your tax obligations and avoid potential problems. WITHDRAWING FROM PENSION SCHEMES Accessing your pension savings in the UK can have tax implications. Depending on the type of pension scheme and your withdrawal options, you may be subject to restrictions and income tax on the amount withdrawn. We offer advice and solutions that optimise tax reductions and help you plan for retirement effectively. RECEIVING LARGE CASH GIFTS Receiving a substantial cash gift from family or friends can have tax implications in the UK. In certain situations, you may be subject to inheritance tax or potentially other taxes like capital gains tax if the gift includes assets. We leverage our knowledge of gift tax rules to help you manage any potential tax problems. SHARES & STOCK OPTIONS If you plan to sell shares or exercise stock options, this can result in capital gains tax, income tax and National Insurance contributions in the UK. At IJB Strategia we help you to time your treatment of shares and options so as to avoid unexpected tax issues.


How Tax Clinic works

At IJB Strategia, we understand that every financial and tax issue is unique. However we follow a simple and clear process to ensure that we provide tailored solutions that align with your goals and objectives. 1. INITIAL CONSULTATION During our initial free consultation we seek to understand your specific financial problem and gather relevant information. This consultation can take place in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing. 2. INFORMATION GATHERING Upon a joint agreement to continue our services, we will request you to provide relevant documents and information related to this issue. This is based on answering structured questions that will explore various aspects of your personal and business financial lives and may sometimes include providing returns, statements, records and/or correspondences. 3. ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT We then thoroughly review your provided information and analyse your tax situation to identify the key areas of concern, potential risks, and opportunities for tax optimisation. 4. DISCUSSION AND GOAL SETTING We engage in a detailed discussion with you to understand your goals and objectives. This will help us align our solutions to your specific needs and desired outcomes. 5. IDENTIFY SOLUTIONS We then utilise our extensive knowledge and expertise in tax laws, regulations, and financial incentives to identify potential solutions to your financial needs. These incentives connect your personal and business finances allowing us to develop a greater array of unique solutions to help solve your problem. 6. DEVELOP A TAX STRATEGY Based on your unique situation and goals, we develop a tailored tax strategy that addresses your specific tax problem. This may involve utilising tax incentives, optimising deductions, exploring tax planning opportunities, and minimising tax liabilities. 7. PRESENTATION OF RECOMMENDATIONS We prepare a comprehensive report or presentation outlining our analysis, findings, and recommended strategies. We seek to clearly explain the rationale behind each recommendation and how it aligns with the client's objectives. 8. CLIENT ENGAGEMENT AND APPROVAL We present our recommendations to you, explaining the benefits, risks, and potential outcomes of each strategy. Here we address any questions or concerns you may have and obtain your approval to proceed with the proposed tax solutions. 9. QUALIFYING CONDITIONS Many tax and financial incentives require you and your business to meet qualifying conditions. Where such is the case, we provide you with guidance and support needed to enable you to qualify for the recommended tax strategies. 10. ONGOING SUPPORT AND MONITORING We don’t just stop there. We offer ongoing support to you in order to ensure the successful implementation of the tax strategies is seen to the end. We monitor the effectiveness of the strategies over time and make adjustments if necessary to optimise their outcomes. 11. COMPLIANCE AND REPORTING We assist you in meeting your tax compliance obligations, such as guiding you on how the chosen strategy is treated in your tax returns, making payments, and responding to tax authority inquiries. We help you stay up-to-date with changing tax laws and regulations to avoid potential issues for as long as the strategy is in effect. 12. REVIEW AND EVALUATION We periodically review your tax situation and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. Provide feedback, suggestions for improvement, and identify any new tax planning opportunities that may arise.

Industry Specific Expertise

Our Tax Clinic possess specialised knowledge and expertise in various industries, allowing us to provide tailored tax solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities specific to each sector. Some industries in which we have helped our clients in: RETAILERS We work with both retailers and wholesalers. Our understanding of retail-specific tax regulations and incentives allows us to provide guidance on sales tax compliance, inventory management, e-commerce taxation, and other retail-related tax matters. We can help you streamline your tax processes and minimise tax liabilities in the dynamic retail industry. CONSTRUCTION & MECHANICS The construction industry involves complex tax issues related to project accounting, subcontractor management, and compliance with construction-specific tax regulations. Our team can assist construction companies in optimising their tax planning, identifying eligible deductions, and navigating the unique tax challenges faced by the industry. REAL ESTATE Our team understands the intricacies of real estate taxation, including property acquisitions, development projects, rental income, and capital gains. We can help you navigate complex real estate transactions and optimise your tax position, whether you're an investor, developer, or property owner. HEALTHCARE The healthcare industry has its own set of tax regulations and compliance requirements. Our advisors are well-versed in healthcare tax matters, including medical practice management, healthcare provider taxation, and regulatory compliance. We can assist you in maximising deductions, managing healthcare-related taxes, and optimising tax strategies for healthcare businesses. TECHNOLOGY AND STARTUPS We have a deep understanding of the tax implications faced by technology companies and startups. From navigating research and development (R&D) tax credits to structuring equity compensation plans, we can help you leverage available tax incentives and credits to support your growth and innovation. Visit our sister site, 'Go Trend Yourself' to learn more on how we help start-ups. MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION Manufacturing and distribution businesses often encounter complex tax issues, including inventory valuation, supply chain management, and international tax considerations. Our team can guide you through these challenges, providing strategies to minimise tax burdens, optimise operational efficiencies, and ensure compliance. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Whether you're a consultant, lawyer, engineer, or any other professional service provider, we understand the unique tax considerations of your industry. Our expertise in professional services taxation enables us to offer valuable insights and strategies to optimise your tax planning, expense management, and overall financial performance. HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM The hospitality and tourism industry has its own specific tax requirements, such as hotel occupancy taxes, holiday-homes, tourism-related deductions, and food and beverage taxation. We can help businesses in this industry navigate these regulations, maximise tax benefits, and improve financial outcomes.


Our Pledge to your Well-Being

At IJB Strategia we fully understands how certain personal barriers can stop you from pursuing your best interests. This is why we pledge to work in ways that empower you to confront your tax problems head-on. Some of the barriers we help our clients overcome include: FEAR OF CHANGE We recognise that change can be daunting, especially when it comes to something as complex as taxes. Our approach is to provide a supportive and reassuring environment where you feel comfortable exploring new strategies. We guide you through the process step by step, addressing your concerns and demonstrating how our solutions can lead to improved financial outcomes. LIMITED KNOWLEDGE We understand that not everyone is well-versed in tax laws and regulations. Our team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and years of experience in tax planning and compliance. We take the time to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, empowering you to make informed decisions and understand the benefits of seeking professional advice. PROCRASTINATION Overcoming procrastination is essential for achieving optimal tax outcomes. This is because most tax incentives require meeting certain conditions in order to qualify for them. We work with our you to establish clear timelines and deadlines, ensuring that you stay on track and don't miss important opportunities. Our proactive approach to tax planning helps you overcome the tendency to delay and provides you with peace of mind. MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT COST We believe in transparent pricing and strive to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. During the initial free consultation, we discuss the potential financial benefits that can result from our services, helping you understand the long-term value and return on investment you can expect. LACK OF TRUST Building trust is a fundamental aspect of our client relationships. We prioritise confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity in all our interactions. Our team of tax professionals possesses the necessary expertise and credentials, giving you the confidence that your tax matters are being handled with the utmost care and discretion. OVER-RELIANCE ON DIY METHODS You may have useful solutions given to you by friends, family or the internet; we emphasise the added value that professional assistance can bring. We highlight the complexities of tax planning and the potential risks of relying solely on generic or self-researched strategies. By showcasing our expertise and track record of success, we demonstrate the advantages of collaborating with our team. RESISTANCE TO COLLABORATION We understand that you may have reservations about collaborating or providing sensitive information. To address this, we prioritise open and clear communication. We explain the purpose and importance of the information we require and ensure that you feel comfortable sharing it. Our personalised approach and commitment to client confidentiality foster a collaborative environment built on trust.

Flexible Pricing 

Our initial consultation is free and we practise a no-solution, no-fee policy. 

All our packages are built on our firm principles of developing solutions that are in line with your business and household goals, industry specific requirements and UK regulations. Our packages differ only on the level of complexity relating to your situation.  



Suitable for simple tax problems that requires solutions that the client is already qualified and in the position to apply.



Suitable for moderate problems that require solutions that clients first need help qualifying for.  



Suitable for complex problems that require a series of connected solutions that may need qualifying for. 



We offer a subscription service that gives your household and businesses up to 30 enquiries per year.


*Subject to an annual subscription. A 15% Discount is given if the annual amount is paid upfront in full.

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At IJB Strategia we utilise a unique approach to problem solving by utilising those tax incentives that reduce your tax obligation and increase overall wealth across your household and business finances. Our Tax Clinc provides you with industry specialised knowledge and tailored strategies to help you resolve your current tax problem.

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