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Tax Health

Afraid you might be missing out on the latest tax breaks? With our unique periodic tax assessments, our experienced team will uncover those tax incentives that benefit your household & business.  Get a clear action plan, ongoing support, and timely updates to ensure that you're always ahead of the game.

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"It's not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep"

Many households and businesses may not be aware of the full range of tax incentives that could benefit them. At Tax Health, we believe that an active approach to tax planning can lead to significant financial advantages. Our quarterly and annual tax and compliance check service is designed to help clients ensure that both their households and businesses are making the most of every allowance, benefit, credit, exemption, relief and deduction available to them.

What is Tax Health?

A great way to start a new tax year is with a personalised action plan that provides step-by-step guidance to qualifying for those financial incentives that help you achieve your personal and business goals. With this guide you will have a clear roadmap for planning your financial prosperity. A PERSONALISED APPROACH Our action plan considers your overall financial goals and objectives. This may include suggestions for investment strategies, expense management, retirement planning, debt management and other financial considerations to support your long-term financial prosperity. OPTIMISING TAX INCENTIVES The action plan focuses on maximising tax incentives specific to your situation. It outlines those financial and incentives that you can take advantage of to minimise your tax liability, raise cheaper finances and extract maximum wealth. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE We understand that many financial incentives require you to meet certain qualifying conditions. Our action plan breaks down the recommendations into step-by-step guidance, ensuring that you have a clear roadmap to follow. Each step is explained in detail, and our team is available to answer any questions and provide further clarification as needed. CLARITY AND SIMPLICITY We believe in making complex tax concepts easy to understand. Our action plan is presented in a clear and concise manner, using plain language without unnecessary jargon. We aim to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the recommended actions and their potential impact on your financial situation.


How Tax Health checks are done

Tax Health checks are tailor-made to each individual client however we follow a simple and clear process to ensure that we can provide you with the greatest array of financial incentives that suits your personal and business needs. Some of the steps we take during a Tax Heatlh check are: 1. PERSONAL AMBITIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES We start with fully understanding your household and business objectives. For this we deep-dive into your life to understand your business, your personal ambitions, and household responsibilities. 2. INFORMATION GATHERING Our tax health check then undertakes a thorough examination of both your household and business finances. We explore your sources of income, savings, investments, projects and borrowings. 3. IDENTIFYING TAX INCENTIVE We carefully assess your eligibility for a wide range of tax incentives, credits, allowances, reliefs, exemptions, and deductions. This includes examining industry-specific incentives and regulations that may be applicable to your business. 4. COMPLIANCE EVALUATION Our experts then conduct a detailed review to ensure you and your businesses meet the qualifying conditions for these selected financial incentives. 5. FUTURE PLANNING RECOMMENDATIONS Our tax health check extends beyond the current year. We provide insights and recommendations for future tax planning, helping you stay ahead of changes in tax laws and regulations. By identifying tax-saving opportunities, you can plan your finances more effectively and make informed decisions. 6. DETAILED REPORT Upon completion of the tax health check, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings, recommendations, and strategies tailored to your specific circumstances. This report serves as a valuable reference for implementing the suggested actions and optimising your tax position.

Timely Delivery

At Tax Health, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to your tax planning and financial decision-making. We prioritise efficiency without compromising accuracy to ensure that you receive the findings of your tax health check in a timely manner. 1. STREAMLINED PROCESS Our experienced team has developed a streamlined process for conducting tax health checks, enabling us to efficiently assess your tax situation while maintaining a high level of accuracy. We leverage our expertise and utilise advanced tools to expedite the analysis and review process. 2. EFFICIENT TURNAROUND TIME Depending on the complexity of your tax situation and the volume of data involved, our typical timeframe for completing the tax health check and delivering the findings is within 5 to 12 working days. We understand the importance of providing you with the results promptly, allowing you to make informed decisions and take advantage of available tax incentives without delay. 3. CUSTOMISED APPROACH While we prioritise efficiency, we also understand that each tax health check is unique, and some cases may require more time for a thorough assessment. Rest assured that we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring that the timeframe aligns with your household and business needs. 4. ACCURATE RESULTS While efficiency is a priority, we never compromise on the accuracy and quality of our work. Our team of professionals diligently reviews and verifies the findings of the tax health check to provide you with reliable and precise information. We understand the critical nature of tax planning decisions, and we strive to ensure that the results you receive are accurate and dependable. 5. COMMUNICATION AND UPDATES Throughout the tax health check process, we maintain open communication with you, providing regular updates on the progress and addressing any queries or concerns you may have. We believe in keeping you informed and involved in the process, ensuring transparency and a smooth experience.


Ongoing Support

At Tax Health, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Our commitment to your financial success extends beyond the completion of the tax health check. We offer ongoing support and guidance to help you implement the recommended strategies. 1. IMPLEMENTATION ASSISTANCE We understand that implementing tax strategies can sometimes be challenging. That's why we provide dedicated support to assist you in putting the recommendations from the tax health check into action. Our team is available to guide you through the implementation process, answering your questions and providing clarification whenever needed. 2. TIMELY UPDATES Tax laws and regulations are constantly evolving. As your trusted tax partner, we stay up to date with the latest changes and communicate relevant updates to you in a timely manner. We ensure that you are aware of any new tax incentives, deductions, or compliance requirements that could impact your financial situation. 3. PROACTIVE GUIDANCE Our ongoing support goes beyond reactive assistance. We proactively monitor changes in the tax landscape and analyse how they might affect your specific circumstances. If we identify new opportunities or potential risks, we promptly notify you and provide proactive guidance to help you stay ahead of the curve. 4. YEAR-ROUND CHANGES We understand that your personal and business circumstances can change. That's why our team is available year-round to address how such changes impact your tax health check and whether any changes need to be made. 5. CUSTOMISED ADVICE We recognise that each client's tax situation is unique. Our ongoing support is tailored to your specific needs and goals. We take the time to understand your personal and business circumstances and provide personalised advice that aligns with your financial objectives. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and optimise your tax and financial outcomes. 6. PEACE OF MIND With our ongoing support, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated partner by your side. We are here to assist you, provide expert guidance, and address any tax-related concerns that may arise. Our aim is to ensure that you feel confident and supported throughout your financial journey.

Our pledge to your Well Being

At IJB Strategia we fully understand the personal difficulties faced when planning for the future. This is why we pledge to work in ways that also empowers you to develop a tax planning mindset. LIMITED AWARENESS Many people may not be aware of the full range of tax incentives that could benefit them. At IJB Strategia, our experienced team specialises in conducting thorough assessments of your tax situation to identify potential areas for improvement and uncover untapped opportunities. We work closely with you to explain the benefits of all available tax incentives. FEAR OF NON-COMPLIANCE Staying compliant with tax laws is crucial for any business, and the fear of non-compliance may deter you from seeking tax services. Compliance and risk mitigation are integral parts of our tax health check service. At IJB Strategia, our experienced professionals conduct a detailed review of your tax practices to identify any potential compliance issues and ensure that you are meeting all necessary requirements. AVOID COMPLEXITY Tax planning and optimisation can be complex, leading you to perhaps avoid seeking professional assistance. As part of our tax health check service, we provide you with a clear and actionable plan that outlines specific steps you can take to maximise tax incentives, minimise tax liability, and optimise your financial position. We simplify complex tax concepts, using plain language without unnecessary jargon, so that you can confidently implement the recommended actions and maximise the benefits available to you. LIMITED TIME AND RESOURCES It may be that you perceive tax planning as time-consuming and resource-intensive. At IJB Strategia we prioritise efficiency without compromising accuracy. Our streamlined process for conducting tax health checks allows us to efficiently assess your tax situation while maintaining a high level of accuracy. We understand the value of your time, and our experienced team ensures that you receive the findings of your tax health check in a timely manner. We also offer ongoing support and guidance to help you implement the recommended strategies, saving you time and effort in navigating the complexities of tax planning on your own. CONCERNS OF LEGALTIY AND ETHICS Many people think that utilising financial incentives to reduce tax is unethical or even illegal. At IJB Strategia we do not operate in grey areas of the law. None of our solutions are forms of tax loopholds or methods of tax evasion. Rather we promote those tax incentives that the UK government are prescribing to their tax playing households and businesses. Nothing more, nothing less.

Flexible Pricing 

We understand that every client's needs and circumstances are unique, which is why we offer a range of flexible pricing options to ensure that you receive the services that best align with your specific requirements.


A single Tax Health report based on your current circumstances.

Detailed step-by-step guide of achieving each financial incentive.  

No modifications or changes to be made.



A single report with step-by-step guide.


Subject to continous modifications until year end based on changes in personal 

circumstances, and/or government rules &  regulations.



The same report as Evolving package.

Includes financial incentives that help plan for changes to client's short-term and long-term future circumstances. 



Need help qualifying for financial incentives? Our add-on service is ideal for clients who want a comprehensive end-to-end service to ensure seamless execution of our solutions.


Prices are estimates based on time and workload.

*Our prices are set for one household (that includes dependents) as well as one Owner-Managed Business (OMB). Any additional connected household (e.g. non-dependent children) and/or OMB will incur an additional cost of £100 each. 

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This service is highly recommended at the start of the tax year, accounting year or every quarter. Tax Planning in advance gives your household and businesses the best possible time to make those necessary changes to qualify for tax incentives and to put them to use as part of your upcoming strategies. 

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