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"Small Business Owners have their own unique access to Wealth Generating and Wealth Management resources"




Did you know that as an Owner-Managed Business (OMB), an SME or Personal Service Company (PSC) you have access to a wide range of unique Tax Incentives that can transform your finances in ways you could never imagine!

Here are just a few mind-blowing examples:

(1) Tax Breaks for Personal Loans: You would get income tax breaks if you took out a personal loan for your company rather than taking out a business loan.

(2) Capital Gains Tax Deferral: You can actually defer paying your Capital Gains Tax when selling your second house.


(3) Higher Interest on Personal Savings: Your company can pay you higher interest on your personal savings than your high street bank.


(4) Household Costs as a Source of Income: Your household costs can become a source of personal income while simultaneously lowering your company’s taxes.


The UK Government has given you a huge range of Allowances, Benefits, Credits, Deductions, Exemptions, Reliefs and Schemes that allow you to seamlessly combine your household and company finances in order to help reduce your overall taxes, raise cheaper finances and extract maximum wealth.

Embrace the Laze

IJB Strategia is a Accountancy and Tax Specialist firm who understand that your time is precious. That is why we've streamlined the tax incentive process to make it as effortless as possible. Our comprehensive service allows you to focus on your business while we take care of the paperwork for making tax incentive claims, stay on top of regulatory changes, and keep you informed every step of the way.

While we handle the technical aspects of tax planning, we’ve reduced your efforts to a few simple steps:


(1) Share Your Financial Needs and Life Plans: Whether you are looking to reduce tax today, or are preparing for the future like a sale, retirement or even death, taking the time to discuss your financial goals lets us get to work for you as early as possible. The more we know about your short, medium and long-term plans, the better equipped we'll be to devise a Tax Incentive strategy that addresses all your needs and keeps you in financial control.

(2) Keep Your Receipts: It's essential to maintain accurate records of your financial transactions and expenses. By keeping your receipts organized and up-to-date, you'll help us ensure that no eligible deductions or credits are overlooked.

(3) Sign Off on Prepared Documents: We'll handle all the preparation and paperwork needed to make full use of any and all tax incentives. Once everything is ready, we'll present the documents to you for review and signature, ensuring that you're fully informed and comfortable with the proposed strategies.

(4) Keep Us Updated on Changes: Life is constantly evolving, and so are your financial needs and goals. It's essential to keep us informed of any significant changes in your circumstances or plans so that we can adjust our strategies accordingly and continue to provide you with optimal support in the now, the tomorrow and the next 30 years.

Our Team

We are a family-run Accountancy and Taxation service with 40 years of experience. We pride ourselves as accountants of the new age by incorporating Business Strategy, Wealth Management, Corporate Psychology and Data Analytics to give our clients a comprehensive level of support . 

Imran Javaid Butt

Accountant & Tax Advisor

Javaid Akhtar Butt

Accountant & Tax Law Advisor



Our Services

Our unique range of services are built from our specialism in tax incentives and accounting schemes that combines your household and business finances.  With these five services, we cover the full range of financial moments in your life. 

Horse & Foal running together

Stop chasing profits with our flagship service. Tax Life is our Accountancy & Tax Planning service built on a complete rethinking of how to convert your businesses into vehicles that increase your individual wealth in line with your personal ambitions and household responsibilities.  

Tax Clinic is our no-solution/no-fee advisory service that aims to solve your financial and tax related issues affecting your household and businesses. Through our holistic approach we provide unique solutions that are aligned to your individual goals and responsibilities. 
Groom riding horse
Nothing disrupts your life more than side projects.  Whether you're restructuring or refinancing, it is often time-consuming and daunting to navigate complex legal and tax landscapes. Our Tax Project service takes all the headache out of designing and completing projects.
Horse rearing
Our periodic service offers you a comphrehensive financial check to ensure that your household and businesses both qualify, and are utilising, the full offering of financial incentives available to you in order to help you achieve your individual and business goals. 
Two horses fighting
Don't let that HMRC Enquiry letter make you lose sleep.  Our Tax Case service develops compelling legal strategies that protect your rights and negotiate favourable outcomes.  We undertake the task to represent you and your interests in number of different scenarios. 

New Horizons is our blog series dedicated to Owner Managed Businesses (OMBs). Get timely updates on the evolving tax landscape while discovering strategies to foster effective mindsets that empower you and your businesses to adapt and thrive.

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IJB Strategia is more than an Accountancy and Taxation Service.  We also operate a business consultancy called 'Go Trend Yourself' where we support exciting new start-ups across its lifecycle from Big Ideas to Bigger Launch.

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